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"Who wishes to serve his fellow creature will meet with the merit of his own action in time to come."
Joseph Holt 1756 - 1826, A Rum Story, Peter O'Shaughnessy editor, 1988, p.53.

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22nd Nov 19 09:18:55 Carlina Ridgeway Hi all.
I'm new here.
I have a question related to my daughter's paternal ancestry.
Joseph Holt was on the Minerva to Australia, alongside John Austin (daughter's ancestor).
John had a daughter Annette Shaw Austin.
Joseph had a daughter Marianne Shaw Holt.
John was also involved in Irish politics.
I would like to find out if there is a connection between their two families and having no luck so far.
If any one has any clues it would be greatly appreciated.
10th Sep 19 11:46:32 Allison Hoopes This message is for Ber. Greetings! I have found another one of my Holts, married into the Bull family, here in the U.S. Frances Rose Holt, daughter of Henry and Eliza (Bull) Holt, did marry and move to the U.S. The descendants would be cousins to Gerard Lange. He may be on here to see this too. Hope you are well.
31st Aug 15 18:48:33 Lionel Fowler Hi Heather, Please place your chats in the correct chat room, you have used all three!
10th Jul 15 23:39:54 heather kershaw looks very like me uncle
10th Jul 15 23:39:35 heather kershaw my mom is related to him by 4 great grandfathers
7th Apr 15 04:21:07 Lionel Fowler Sorry for my reply neglect Austin.
Our chat rooms only deal with Irish family history. Ireland's National Library in Dublin should be able to provide you with an answer.
21st Mar 15 07:46:33 Austin  Gilbert Hope you can direct me to information on the history of Newtownbarry (Bunclody) during the period 1700 to 1770 prior to the rebellion.
Thank you
Austin Gilbert,
23rd Aug 14 00:44:06 Allison Hoopes Hello, Ber! I've been trying to muck through the Dublin Mathews folks, and am looking over a connection between a Patrick Mathews, of Lower Dorset Street, and a John J. Mathews, hotelier, of Maryborough, Laois. Somehow the Laois Mathews family is associated with my John and Francis Mathews. Have you stumbled on any of this? Hope all's well with you.
16th Apr 14 18:50:17 Lionel Fowler Hi Gerard, Welcome back.
I wish to back up Alison's request. So that our family researchers can help you both. Would you please write your informative chats in The General's Chat Room for which they are qualified to enter, then we all can learn as you make progress with your family research?
6th Apr 14 09:54:10 Allison Hoopes Gerard, welcome! I'm on here. I don't get on here as much as I used to though. I've been looking for you, as it's been some time since we last chatted. Early on I was instructed to go to the General's room, so you can find a lot of things posted in there if you search on Holt, Bull, and Mathews. My regular e-mail address is the same as when we last conversed.

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