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"Who wishes to serve his fellow creature will meet with the merit of his own action in time to come."
Joseph Holt 1756 - 1826, A Rum Story, Peter O'Shaughnessy editor, 1988, p.53.

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With the retirement in Australia of Pamela Goesch and Lionel Fowler after approximately sixty years spent researching the true descendants of General Joseph Holt, Bernadette (Ber) Holt has offered her research services to our chat rooms. We would all be aware of and appreciate Ber's amazing family research abilities. The Holt Family Fellowship researchers are extremely lucky to receive such a wonderful offer. Most of us understand the tremendous work that this involves. The Holt Family Fellowship has accepted Ber's offer with our deepest gratitude. It is fitting that our family research in our chat rooms will now be based in Ireland.

The Holt Family Fellowship reserves its right to restrict this generous service if necessary. Our chatters are reminded of the principles of "fair dealing".

The following instructions have been written to help those chatters unfamiliar with the process.

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5th Sep 19 07:45:33 Carole Parkes Please ignore the previous post. This same Joseph Holt, painter, is still in Blair St in the 1841 census, so cannot be Joseph Harrison Holt. My error.
5th Sep 19 07:40:05 Carole Parkes Now I'm in possession of a marriage certificate for one of Joseph Harrison Holt's daughters,thanks to Matthew Fowler, and it definitely states he is a painter, I think the following may be relevant.

The 1828 Pigot & Co's Directory of Liverpool gives a Joseph Holt, painter, living in 8 Blair St. We know Joseph H Holt and his family sailed to America from Liverpool in 1832, so is it possible he was living in Liverpool prior to this? There is no sign of him in the 1834 Directory unless he changed his trade to a confectioner and also changed his address to 13 Castle St. My guess this confectioner is a totally different Joseph Holt to the painter. I need to look further into this.
22nd Aug 19 00:36:26 Carole Parkes How lovely to see people using this website again.
I believe I'm also a descendant of the General's brother Joshua, though this has yet to be proven. My last proven link is to my 4X gt grandad Joseph Holt, bricklayer of Liverpool, born in Ireland. The naming pattern of his children and his son's children would suggest this link.

Please don't forget you can view all the original findings of members here by scrolling to the bottom of the page. You have to be signed in to view, I think, but if you enter a name, place or any words in the search box on the right, you'll see what we know so far. leave the left name box empty unless you just want to see a particular member's findings.
29th Jul 19 09:25:06 mary byrd Just checking in as I was with some cousins last week who did not know about the Holt connection. I pulled out my genealogy box which I have not looked at in a few years and now see I have not been on this site since 2016. I do have a bit of research on Iowa Holts if anyone is ever interested.
I have a beginning draft of a screen play that Peter O'Shaunessy was working on about Joseph Holt when I met him during the 1998 Bicentennial festivities in Wicklow.
All the best to cousins around the world!
1st Jul 19 08:15:00 Peter Eldred Hi everyone
My wife Deb & I are heading over to Ireland later this month
Does anyone have a suggested itinerary.
Regards Peter
21st May 19 03:10:18 Phil Holt Hi Laurie, we must be relatives
as I am also descended from the general's brother Joshua. I would be interested to know your line if you fancy sharing, and me with you...?
16th May 19 08:14:45 Laurie Wilson Hi everyone; a long time since I visited this site. Genealogical records suggest that I am a descendant of the General's brother Joshua (1760-1826). I have done a DNA test and I have shared DNA matches with direct descendants of the General (through the Fowler family), which proves that my Holt ancestors (including Joshua 1810-1894) are members of the General's extended family.
15th May 19 10:09:51 Phil Holt Hi, I am planning a trip to Ireland in September and part of the trip will be to visit sites linked to my 5th Great Uncle Gen Joseph Holt. So far I have Monkstown, the 1798 memorial near to Roundwood and Ballydaniel on my list of places to vist. Can anyone recommend any other sites please? Many thanks,

12th Nov 18 10:20:49 Carole Parkes The previous post is from the issue dated Mon 20 April1863.
12th Nov 18 10:15:59 Carole Parkes I can't remember if I added this. here it is anyway, in case I didn't

Found in Trove newspapers: The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)

On January 12, at 101, Lower George-street, Kingstown, Ire- land, of bronchitis, Mary Anne Holt, relict of the late Mr. William Shaw, daughter of Joseph Holt, Esq., better known as General Holt, and sister of the late Joshua Holt, Esq., of this city.

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