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"Who wishes to serve his fellow creature will meet with the merit of his own action in time to come."
Joseph Holt 1756 - 1826, A Rum Story, Peter O'Shaughnessy editor, 1988, p.53.

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10th Mar 24 11:09:24 Jason  Holt Joseph Holt is my 3 great grandfather the more I find out about him the more I understand who I am thank you
28th Dec 21 04:07:49 Arthur Kavanagh Hello, this is a very interesting site.
Can anyone tell me who was the 'mystery' man responsible for burning down Joseph Holt's house?
12th Jun 19 05:15:47 Laurence Barber I have two DNA links to the Manning families of Rathdrum, one of which links to Hester Holt who's mother was a Manning (Mary?), wife of Samuel? Long of Round Wood. I'd love more info about the Manning / Holt link if there is any. Thanks.
2nd Jun 19 10:33:54 gary porter My ancestor Richard Byrne was also on Norfolk Island with Joseph Holt after arriving on the Minerva with him
4th Oct 18 05:45:16 sandra dooley my ancestor Nial Devitt of Scarr Mountain is on the Roll of Honour in Wicklow Gaol. Family stories indicate that he was sold into service of the King of Prussia after the 1798 rebellion I'd love to find out more about his involvement and fate
25th Mar 18 09:53:31 gary porter My ancestor Richard Byrne was imprisoned on ''the Lively'' and transferred to the Minerva and travelled with JosephHolt to Australia.He was obviously known to Joseph Holt as he was one of the ''resolute men and true'' chosen by Holt to fight the pirates . Richard is listed as aWicklow United Irishman in Wicklow gaol although resident over the border at Calverstown ,Kildare . He was arrested near Wicklow and was named in the Banishment Act 1798. I am hoping to find any more connection withJoseph Holt
25th Dec 15 23:05:30 Ian Robertson Sorry, Constance Weaver, not Fowler
25th Dec 15 23:04:54 Ian Robertson Hello yet again. I'v just read all the too-ing and fro-ing in 2007 re the Harmans. Does anyone know what became of Constance (Harmon) Fowler? If someone still has her email address I'd appreciate it if they could contact her and seek permission for me to contact her. Many thanks
25th Dec 15 22:27:14 Ian Robertson Hi again,
There does not seem to be a "search" feature for this chat room. Am I missing something?
25th Dec 15 22:12:12 Ian Robertson I'm researching one of the Rebels transported on the "Tellicherry" in 1805.His name was Lawrence Harman (although there are variations in spelling). I have traced him up to 1821, when he is shown on the Convice Register as "Emancipated" and a servant of Joshua Holt (Joseph Holt's son). I'm wondering if there are any primary sources which mention in detail Joshua Holt's life or recollections, and if anyone can point me towards any further records that there may be of the Joshua Holt household.

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