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"Who wishes to serve his fellow creature will meet with the merit of his own action in time to come."
Joseph Holt 1756 - 1826, A Rum Story, Peter O'Shaughnessy editor, 1988, p.53.

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With the retirement in Australia of Pamela Goesch and Lionel Fowler after approximately sixty years spent researching the true descendants of General Joseph Holt, Bernadette (Ber) Holt has offered her research services to our chat rooms. We would all be aware of and appreciate Ber's amazing family research abilities. The Holt Family Fellowship researchers are extremely lucky to receive such a wonderful offer. Most of us understand the tremendous work that this involves. The Holt Family Fellowship has accepted Ber's offer with our deepest gratitude. It is fitting that our family research in our chat rooms will now be based in Ireland.

The Holt Family Fellowship reserves its right to restrict this generous service if necessary. Our chatters are reminded of the principles of "fair dealing".

The following instructions have been written to help those chatters unfamiliar with the process.

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25th Jun 22 22:42:24 Carole Parkes Letters of Administration for William Holt of 44 Leinster Road, Kingstown, Co Dublin, who died 22/Nov/1869 at York Road, Kingstown, were granted to Frances Sophia Campbell of York Road, Kingstown, wife of John Campbell and daughter of deceased.

Didn't the General's daughter live or die in Leinster Road?
25th Jun 22 16:31:01 Carole Parkes Hi Richard,
I look in from time to time to see if anyone comes onto the site. We used to be very active here. Unfortunately, neither Ber nor I can now access the list of ancestors to edit or add new information. It's fortunate that we can still see all past posts.
30th Apr 22 09:16:23 Richard Paul Holt Hello All from Downunder. This the first time I've logged in for a longtime. I was reminded that it's 11 years today since visiting Ireland and catching up with Bernadette for a lovely lunch. Hope all is well with everyone, especially you Ber, regards for now, Rick
7th Feb 22 22:14:07 Carole Parkes Also, look at the Ancestor List Ber and I created years ago. You can click on a person and see what we have on them. Unfortunately, we cannot update it with new information as it comes along because we can no longer access it online. Are you reading this Peter Fowler? I need to change my email address too, but there is nowhere to do it.
7th Feb 22 22:10:12 Carole Parkes The previous information was found on
7th Feb 22 22:04:24 Carole Parkes The previous information was found on
7th Feb 22 22:03:19 Carole Parkes Hi Ann, I'm so sorry you feel let down by the omission of your branch in the books. However, in defence of Gary and Pam Goesch who wrote the books, it is impossible to know everything about every twig on every branch. With the knowledge they had, it is inevitable they needed to publish at some point. Please give us details and dates that prove your link. All messages are saved for future lookups. You can find them by searching a keyword (on the bottom right of this page). Try searching for Joseph Harrison. He has been very elusive but we do have a bit of information on him. Did you know that in 1836 he sailed to America on the John Jay with Elizabeth Webster and their children, arriving on 16/9/1836? These were Catherine Niel, 20, Servant, of Ireland and Henry Webster. 19, Farmer, of Ireland.
Joseph's occupation is listed as Farmer.
3rd Jan 22 01:13:16 Carole Parkes I found that record Ber,

Holt, Joseph, of Dublin to Murphy, Mary, of Dundalk licence 25.9.1822

At least I know he lived in Dublin prior to his marriage.
3rd Jan 22 00:56:31 Carole Parkes I've just seen on google that there is both a CofI and RC St Nicholas in Dundalk, but the RC church wasn't built until 1859. Therefore the 1822 marriage must have been in the CofI.
2nd Jan 22 23:43:00 Carole Parkes Ber, does the marriage record mention their fathers or witnesses. Is St Nicholas RC or CofI?

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